This girl I’ve just seen,

You would not believe,

Her wig cap is showing.


It’s not what you think.


She tried,

She did.

But this style girl…

is no hit but a miss.

A back view would have truly dismissed.


I wish I knew you.

Just to tell.

I hate that I didn’t.

I’m not that person. 

I mind my business.


I stand on the ladder

watching behind.

Down it goes down.

Don’t venture to town.


I looked

just looked

and then I got hooked.


I sit

I type,

But each time I write.

I wonder just how,

This story would play.

If I would have just started off with a “hey”.


Would you be thankful?

Or see it as spiteful?


Reality check…..

I didn’t

I couldn’t.

Nothing at all.


Let’s hope someone else had guts for it all.




We made it!


It may not look how you imagined.

There’s no surprise party,

definitely no bae

no babies, apartments or cash all exciting.


But all in all,

I guess there’s you.


Today was spent living your truth.


All blessed in one shell.


You’ve waited for this – a long ass time,

But now it’s here – let’s make it mine.

Discipline pleads – I’ve heard the chime.


Oh yes, your right, It’s my crunch time.


Distractions can’t mask.

Be selfish and craft.


Let’s do it for you.

Then all will come through.





I love it.

You get what I mean?

But if I don’t want you to.


Be decisive.

Just look at these words

And go with whatever.

The point is I love it,

I love everything.


I tell you I love you.

But what does it mean?

True, deceiving or just because?


I say these words.

They do have limits.

It may not be just what you hoped.


Now back to the topic

You get what I mean?

This language is beauty.

You get what I mean?



For the first time, I don’t care who likes my content.

I type and I send.

Words speak for themselves.

You like it or hate it.

Not read at all. 

The fact is I wrote it, it’s there for all.

My best come with blunts and alcohol.

I pray the ones reading this have understanding.

These words as they come are very demanding.



Black knuckles.

Dark skin.

The ultimate struggle.

Whoever proposes,

No pic of the ring.


No bleach from a distance

My skin tone protests,

Dark knuckles remain,

No finger is saved.


Dark knuckles-

How about I show them more?

This silent taboo

Is not just my trait

I know some are out there

Not really just me.


I stand for dark knuckles.


A true representative.