I’m at this stage.

This stage right now.

The debts that I owe, 

They overflow.


Each morning a chime.

Some times two or three.

Each morning i rise.

Each buzz I despise. 


The 0800’s, are not for a chat.

Somedays they last longer.

Late evenings they ponder,

They want to know why –

Why, I failed right flat.


Not longer I’ll be here-

This I pray.

This stage is so filled with pure dismay.


But as I still say this.

I’m not one to dwell.

I focus on future.

Yes that is her name.


A note for her.

I must remember-


Here –

Where i”m at.


No cry for help.

This is not it.


I don’t spend funds wisely. 

But I’ll learn and I’ll grow. 


By then I’ll know,


I’ve been through this stage.  


By then I’ll know.