Gail Egbeson

A Different Lifestyle Blogger.


Who is Gail Egbeson?

Because if you asked me this question three months ago, I wouldn’t have known. But after much thought, I’ve finally come up with an answer that was much simpler than I thought.

Gail Egbeson is a CREATIVE.

When people hear that, they tend to ask ‘In what’? My answer would be; “Does it really matter?”

As long as creativity is involved in my profession, a creative is who I am.

Actors, models, musicians, chefs, artists, photographer and lots more all have to create things for the audience to see, hear, taste or engage with. I believe once you are involved with more than one of these (ie. An actor and blogger or a photographer and model). The summary of it all is: YOU ARE A CREATIVE. The list is truly not needed. You may disagree with me but, this is my opinion.

I decided to create this website because it helps me keep in line with my creativity. I am an actress also but for a while, things have been at a standstill for me so instead of feeding into my situation I’m going to use this website to keep me in line with myself and who I really am.

Now you must be thinking: ” Okay so how is this suppose to interest me, Gail”?

I am a lifestyle blogger.

A different lifestyle blogger.

  A lot of people, like me, are stuck doing things that don’t make them happy especially for financial income. The consequences of this are the gradual disappearance of our true selves especially when you get stuck in the dreadful routines of life. Our minds get shut and we are just doing all the things that we are demanded to.

This will interest anyone who is on a journey of their own. Or anyone who fits the upper paragraph. My posts will remind you of the things in life that we sometimes forget, just agree with or don’t even think about.

I talk about the things that come to mind on a day to day basis in video and written format.

 There are so many concepts I want to make out of this. But right now, this is where I am and as soon as it changes, this page would be updated.

I hope my writing reminds you to always stay in tune with yourself no matter what you may be going through.